15.October 2011

My latest challenge....motherhood ...
my finest "mountain" to climb ever ;)

Me :)

First this happened...

then this :)

Sally...our little angel


14.October 2011

Yep....it's been quite some time since my last update.....Mexico went well.
Only a bit colder than we expected and the food not so fabulous.
Despite that it was a great trip :)
Here a little taste of Mexico...

We arrived in Mexico City late the 24th of December...Merry Christmas ;)


Guess the police in Mexico don't use walkie talkie.... haha :)

You wan't ice?...You got ice! .....now with puke on the side....uuh yark!!



Our favorite place....a fruit bar....and they have lots of them all over Mexico :)

The 25th of December at Zócalo, Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City



Nice parking...


Sunset at Playa Ventura

The wiew from our room...nice :)


Breakfast....mexican style ;)

On our way to Chacahua


Quite colorful guesthouses :) We were on the top floor....with a view ;)

The beach in Chacahua....we had to cross a river in a boat to get there from
the guesthouse...but it was worth it :)


Going back to guesthouse


New Year in Oaxaca. Lots of families in the center. Children playing, lots of happy
people. No drunk, no fighting, almost no firework....


This was the only rocket we saw on the streets the next morning!!

There are cactuses in Mexico!! Big ones... :)


and mountains full of them :)

On our way from Oaxaca to the south coast.
I loved the view. Peter looooved driving there...or NOT
He got a little dizzy of all the turning ;)


Back driving along the coast.
 The landscape is flat again....but hey...watch out for slowly vehicle ;)


Once again in the mountains :) Now on our way to San Cristóbal


San Cristobal....a very very nice and cosy place

Horseback riding. Don't think we will join that sport any time ;)



Cañón del Sumidero. This was the most beautiful picture. There were so much
garbage everywhere in the river. Such a shame :(

A coffee shop in Tuxtla....for old men reading their newspaper
and having their cigar....and us ;)


One thing I had never seen....a pyramid. Such an amazing construction!
This is Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, Mexico

Nice car....


Icecream Drive In :)

Veracruz. Our last stop before going back to Mexico City


Back in Denmark. Home sweet home :)


8.December 2010

Yiiiihaaa.....next travel plan is set...
the plane tickets are bought...
I can't wait :)

This Christmas mi amor and I are spending
20 days backpacking in Mexico.

Good food, nice warm weather, beatiful beaches, deserted areas, pyramids etc etc

Hasta la vista Mexico



7.December 2010

Only a few months too late ;-)

But none the less....pictures from my last Adventurerace this year and a special one it was...a race ONLY for Women :)

A very cold but fun day with Maikie and Janne...

See pictures here


20.September 2010

Finally I got the pictures from West Coast Challenge :)

The 21st of August I participated in West Coast Challenge with Jan
....and it was WET!!!
It started to rain 20 minutes before start....and continued almost all night, plus many of the posts were situated in wet areas such as the ocean, a lake etc!!
so it ended with being wet from head to toe 10 hours and 33 minutes ;)

We ended no.4 of 22 teams in the mix catagory
....only 3 minutes aftes the team in front of us....
and no.17 of 75 teams all over

A great race :)
See more pictures here


.....waiting for the start signal....nice :-)


19.August 2010

No mountain trip for me this year.
Instead I spend my vacation in Sweden and in Budapest :)

In Sweden with Peter and my dog Casper


In Budapest with Peter and Simone


12.June 2010

Saturday....Peter and I.....approx 62km biking....


4 flat tires!!!......and only 1 tube in the bag!!!
Damn good adventure training ;)


Sunday....AR Training with the boys :)


Karen, Alice, Claudia mtbing. Approx 10 km with 2 tasks on the track :)

After that....approx 10 km inliners....Bambi is still smiling ;)


Me, Claudia and Karen :)


Alice is pregnent so she's still on the mtb :) ....now with all the skates ;)

3 hours hot hot hot training :-)



26.June 2010



Sunday Peter and I got the chance to see the
danish wind farm Middelgrund up close :)

There are 20 windmills in the park which is situated 2-3 km off shore of Copenhagen where the water depth is 4-8 meter.

The tower is 64 meter high and the length of
each wing is 37 meter.


Peter on his way up inside the tower. There are 11 latters...


Me at the top of the windmill....nice view :)


21.June 2010

Saturday I participated in Firma Multi Motion Adventurerace with Vicki and Trine.
We ended no 2 in Women Catagory (of 5 teams) and no 18 Overall (of 27 teams)

The race is more about the team working together than running, cycling etc. It's great fun :-)
Pictures of some of the tasks....

Me, Vicki and Trine before start


The start.....every team had to get an envelope where the first post was situated


WATeam in Pink.....Casper's scalp ;-)


One of the funny tasks......fill the big bottle with water :)
Signe from the other WATeam

Orienteering, Vicki and I


Word puzzle.....4 km running where there we letters here and there :-)

Team Big Smile :-) One man blindfolded!!


Team Big smile :-) Collecting pieces for a puzzle


27.May 2010

Adventure training with WATeam :-)

3 hours of nice and fun training....mtbiking, orienteering, bikini excercise, quiz, three legs orienteering and inliners :-)

Mette and Anne Marie had arranged the mini race for us :-)


Briefing before the race

Casper waiting for me to be done with the training :-)


Bikini excercise ;-)


23.May 2010

Last weekend Maikie and I participated in our second adventurerace together.....and with even more rain than in Silkeborg :-)

A-Race took place at Amager, a little island south of Copenhagen.
For us it ended after 8 hours.

8 hours with rain and strong wind.
Bike'n'run, orienteering, mtb-orienteering, a lot of posts in the water, robe bridge in Fields, rowing boat at Christians harbour.
It was a tough race but a good challenge :)

We ended no.5 of 15 teams in Mix/Women catagory and no.24 of 44 teams Overall

5:30am Maikie at check in. We had to draw all the posts to the map and plan the route



The race starts....


The post were situated on the little island behind us...

One of the posts were in Fields were we had to be between 10am-2pm
Flemming from To Cope and I


Rope bridging :)


I like :-)


One posts were at Christians harbour were we had to be between 10am-1pm
Here the task were rowing boat.....Heidi and Alice from Team WAT A RACE :-)

The post were situated at the island :-)


Yes sir....one more post in the water....my feets are wet anyway :-)


17.May 2010

Thanks to www.teamhustler.dk for the picture

H12 8.May 2010

Last weekend I participated in the MTB-Race H12 together with Martin and Henrik.
It was their first time in a long race like this so our main goal was to finish....and not last :)
After 12 hours race we ended no.8 of 13 teams in the Mix catagory and no.160 of 260 Overall
Not bad at all :)

The route.....up and down, up and down.
Again Team Hustler had made an excellent race for us....defenitely coming back next year :)




9.May 2010

This years first Adventurerace is over.....and what a start!
Early morning in Silkeborg and the rain is pouring down.....that is REAL adventure ;)

I raced with my friend Maikie. It was her first Adventurerace and it took us 11 hours and 16 minutes to get throught the course. She was really tired but she hanged in.....well done :)
The disciplines were orienteering, canoeing, bike'n'run orienteering, archery, naturerace where we had to find som different trees!!....I'm defenitely not good at that!!, mtb-singeltrack, water/pipe fun and Mtb orienteering.

Wateam girls before the race....Christa, Birgitte, Malene and I


Maikie and I just before the race starts


The start is orienteering and MTB-orienteering


On our way in to the star center where we could choose the next discipline

Star Center. Parking place for the bikes and here we choose the next discipline


A little fun exercise during the MTB-orienteering ;-)

Had to crawl throug the pipe....and due to the rain this night and morning....


.....there where a little more water than expected ;)

Notice the post behind me!!!.....yep.....it's in the water....I'm wet again :)


Once more back at Star Center. Going for the archery and pipe/water discipline

We got a pipe filled with holes in. Had to go down a steep hill to the waterfront.
Fill the pipe, carry it up here and fill the water in a bowl....full! We had to go 5 times!!!


At one of the post in MTB-orienteering, there where a labyrinth that we had to do...

We met the other WATeam.....and neither of us where any good at this!!
Could it be because we had been on our way for 9 hours at this moment??
I hope so hihi :)


Finally back and finished with the race. 11 hours 16 minutes....
guess Maikie were happy that it was over.....and we got nice warm soup :-)


18.April 2010


Mtb-O Camp in Åhus in Sweden

A camp with great training, fun terrain
and nice company


Me and Anders after night mtb-o

I got there first ;-)

Our dinner table, Bjarke, Jan, Preben, Jens Peter and Johan.....Mexican buffet...yummie :-)


Åhus bridge


Me at the end of the bridge


Åhus Hotel and Konference center where we stayed


Birthday party for Claus in their bungalow.....nice with cake after training ;-)

Redwine, beer and good company in the evening :-)


Everybody´s out to see the Päällikkoo’s Diavolo Challenge

Sunday morning....the last Cup before we go home

Me during the race


5.April 2010

I took Casper, my dog, into Gribskov to try camping.....he better get use to the outdoor life :-)

Casper and I in Gribskov


The camping site

Casper in the tent. The shelters were too big and scary for me....even with a dog ;-)


Next morning.....breakfast at Grib Lake


30.March 2010

The first Mtb race is over and done with.
It was really really hard, due to the lack of training for my part.
Too much snow in February and March.

The race was great with super nice singel tracks and nice weather.
Perhaps a little bit early!

I was really happe with my time. With too little training this is all I could hope for.
57km in 3.33.59.

Thank you to Slagelse Mtb Club for the pictures.


Start at 10am......summertime ;-)

Ladies first ;-)


So many gentlemen in this game

Super nice singel tracks.


Kristin, me and Margit after the race...nice it's over and done with ;-)


22.March 2010

My race calender so far:

- 57 muddy km in the forest in Slagelse. This weekend I participate in Fitness.dk MTB-race
- 4 days of orienteering. Primo April i'm going to Sweden to participate in this year MTB-O Camp
- My first Adventurerace this year. I'm really looking forward to this SOK Adventurerace
- A week after that...12 hours mtb-race with my friends Henrik and Martin H12
- And a week after that.....another adventurerace A-Race

So far so good :-)


21. March 2010


Finally the spring has reach Denmark :-)



Road biking around Esrum Lake


It's been a long long winter with lots of snow.....and not so much training!

The last 2 month I've done mostly road cycling.
Only a few times in the forest during january and february.

BUT.....that is over now...

The single tracks in the forest are great now.....
all muddy and wet :-)

Winter Cup in January....thanks to Bill Bade for the picture


Hustler Nightride in February.....thanks to Team Hustler for the picture

27.January 2010

2 month have past since i arrived back in Denmark after my trip to Nepal.
It was wonderfull to be there again....can't wait to go back. I love that country :)

Unfortunately the trip did not ended like I had wished for. A lot of hazzle with the expedition leader Dan Mazur turned out so I did not get my chance for summitting Baruntse. He thought I was finished when I went back to BC so he arranged our trek back to Lukla. I was NOT finished. I only went back to BC to acclimatise. The plan was to go for the summit after one day of rest there. Everybody else knew this....except the expedition leader!
And when he found out...he went crazy!!
At this point we were 5 days ahead of the schedule...but still he did everything he could to make me change my mind. And he succeeded!

The leader in training was not allowed to go with me.
The expedition leader would not allow to change some parts of the fixed rope even though the other guides thought it was nessesary.
I was to go alone up there with 2 sherpas.
And other than these facts, he spend half an hour attacking me with his opinion about my physical state!!
There was nothing wrong with my physics! I walked faster than some of the guys who had already been to the summit. I had no symptoms of altitude sickness. And this is NO WAY to treat a client. Where was the motivation and kindness??
We were only 3 persons who did not summit. The 2 others where already in BC when I arrived. They had no attension on trying.
The rest of the team were summiting the day I went down to rest.

I think that Dan Mazur, the expedition leader, already had been counting the money he could save, with the expedition ending 5 days earlier than planned. So it must have been very annoying to learn that I wanted my summitattempt.....which I paid a lot of money for!
Also he had just got back from another expedition when ours where starting and he had only a short time after our expedition in Kathmandu before he was going on another trek again. For him it was VERY convenient to end the trip 5 days earlier.

I've written a complaint to Summitclimb. I got a nice e-mail back from Stewart that he would look into the case. But now it has been over a month since I last heard from him. I just reminded him again....so I hope soon he will get back to me to sort it out.

I don't think I got what I paid for and I don't think you can have an expedition leader who treats the clients like this.

Since my trip to Mustag Ata in China I have been recomending Summitclimb to everybody. It was the best trip ever.
But I guess that was only thanks to Jon Otto and Phil Crampton who where the expedition leaders :-)



7.October 2009

Baruntse Base Camp


Finally the day has come....

Today I go to Nepal for the Baruntse Expedition with Summitclimb.
It'll be great to see Nepal and the mountain again.
I'm really excited :)

The backs are packed, I'm on my way....
I'm leaving on a jetplane...
di dum di dum ;)

News from the trip as soon as I get back home.
Unfortunately there is no network coverage in the mountains



21.September 2009


My last Aventurerace this year was West Coast Challenge.
A great race, but much different than the others I've participated in.

A lot of preparation before the race with drawing posts from a Mastermap to a 1:50.000 map. Then draw the posts to 1:25.000 maps.
Then figure out in which order to take them when the race starts.
We could our selves decide in which order and whether by bike or running we would take the posts. Great race :-)

The race startet at 0:00 the night between Saturday and Sunday. It was a beautiful night. No rain, no wind, no clouds.
The signal for START: firework :)

We had decided to take the posts situated in the Wadden Sea first due to high tide. It went really well the first 4 hours of the race but then my teammate got ill. We took a break to see if he would be better but unfortunately not. So we had to pull out from the race. The time were now 6:30am. My team mate went home and I decided to continue on my own. Great training, great area and I had to wait for my co-driver anyway ;-)

See picture from the race here



8.September 2009

This weekend I was in Blekinge, Sweden to participate in FarOut Adventurerace with Alice.

It was a great race except that I sprained my ankle. It happened already after 1 hour. NOT good!
However, I did continued and finished the race but the speed were a bit different especielle where we were on foot running/walking.
It took us 23 hours and 57 minutes :)

Alice and I Saturday 3.15pm....the race started at 3.30pm


Back after 2½hours from the first displine MTB-O/Orienteering where I sprained my ankle.
Got a new map....next discipline long distance MTB-O

Alice leads the way in the forrrest...


....I go first ;-)

There are som pretty big rocks in the forrest in Sweden....great terrain :)


1am and out of water!!! In the middle of the forrest....still 3 or more hours to watersupply.
What can you do?? Well we saw a house where the lights were still on and went
there to ask for some water. It was a young couple and they were really nice and helpful.
We got water and I bet they got a good laugh...what ARE two girls doing,
running around in the middle of the night looking like this:)

We got 4 hours rest during the race. Had some hot nuddle soup.
Slept for 2 hours. Ice on my (hurting!!!) sprained ankle....


....and then up again. Packing all our stuff together and getting ready to continue.

Still with a good spirit ;)


After the rest the next discipline were orienteering. It took us a long time
due to my ankle. But we made it. After that we continued with MTB-O

One post were situated under a suspension bridge


Back where we started 24 hours ealier but with Alice's knee hurting from a crash
only 2 minutes before the finish line and me with a hurting sprained ankle!!
Still smiling :-)


31.August 2009

It's about time I start training with my backpack.....so this weekend I went to Stevns Klint :)

Friday night I walked North from Rødvig...the sunset was beautiful


I camped next to the Light House...an unofficial campground ;-)

Dinner in the tent


Saturday 5:50am

3 nice guys I met at another campsite


Højerup Church at Stevns Klint


24.August 2009

This weekend I went to Blekinge in Sweden.
Night orienteering, Sea Kayak, Trekking, Outdoor Hot Tub
and White Water Kayak.

Great food, great company, GREAT weekend :)

See pictures from the weekend here

See the White Water Kayak Video here


16.August 2009


The first weekend in August I participated in Thy Adventurerace.
It wasn't planned but two days before the race there were a note on the internet,
that a team was in desperate need of one more member (one was down due to training injury).

I had no plans that weekend......I couldn't say no :-)

And what a great weekend it turned out to be.
I didn't knew Christina and Louise. They are new in the Adventurerace Sport.
So we had no expectations other than doing the best we could and have a good time.

And we did very well.
We crossed the finish line after 11½ hour, only 3 hours after the winning team.
The spirit were good, the race was a perfect setup with lots of fun things during the race and Christina and Louise were great team mates :-)

See pictures from the race here


5.july 2009

Today I just got back from Kullen, Sweden.
Perfect weather, perfect climb, perfect treck
and perfect company :-)



Kullen, Sweden. We hurried up there friday after work...


Our first climb friday evening. Åkersberget, north side


Lars...he knows it's time for dinner :-)

Me....getting dinner ready :-)


At the camp site....

Saturday morning, back at Åkersberget, south side. We met Daniel....he's on the route.
We climbed it afterwoods...


Nice view from the top :-)

At Carstenz Rende. We made an anchor and abseiled down


...and climbed up again :-)

...where is that damn good place to grap??!!...


Lars at the top

Sunday morning I was trecking from Mölle to the lighthouse and back.
It took 2 ½ hour


Mölle harbour in the background. It was cloudy....and I was happy about it :-)



I was following the red marked route!!!
They didn't even notice me but still my puls where a bit higher than
normal on this path ;-)



2.July 2009

Last weekend I participated in Island Explorer Adventurerace at Bornholm.

It was a great race. Very different nature than elsewhere in Denmark but super cool. I can only recommend it.
Our performance were unfortunately not our best but I'll defenitely go next year for a rematch ;-)

After racing for 10 hours 4 minutes and 54 second we ended no. 12 of 24 teams.

Saturday morning we took the train to Bornholm


We met DMK....

....and Trine. She was there for the Nordic Championchip in MTB XC


Sunday 4:38am......getting ready for race start at 5am

The race started at Hammershus. On the first stage there where only 2 posts.
In the water!!! The first one in a little cave, then we had to swim around some rocks to get to this sight.....where the second post were situated on the top.
Nice with a little morning swim :-)


After MTB-o, kayak and orienteering, the next disciplines were abseil. Great fun :-)

After more MTB-o and 5 hours 40 minutes of race.....the discipline where Coastering


The last stage in the race where Trail-run. One posts where situated at Jons Kapel....up and down, up and down we like :-)


16.june 2009


Nordic24 is over

It was VERY muddy and wet.
Not that it was raining, the weather was actually perfect,
but the 2 days before the race we got over 150mm
of rain!! Oh my god it was raining!!

But mud is our speciality ;-)

We were no.2 in the catagory 4-team Women

See pictures from the race here


6.June 2009

Today I participated in Firma Multi Motion Lyngby. This was not my plan but Heidi and Signe were one short on their team
so I stepped in. And it was a great race :-)

We biked approximately 63km, ran approximately 8km, a little bit canoeing and lots of team exercises

WATeam Race, Heidi, Signe and I

The board showing all the buildings at DTU.
We had 13 questions which we could only answer by finding it
at the buildings around....

After biking to the next post the task here were to blindfold 2 members
of the team (me and Signe) and let the 3. teammember (Heidi) guide us
through a marked track...

The cheese!!!
Signe and I blindfolded, Heidi is guiding us in who is pulling and who is NOT.
And....she is excellent in comanding ;-)
We had to get the ball in one of the 3 holes top......3 times..


Balance, balance, balance.....what a challenge...

Whit a glass of water on top, we had to lift this bar and carry it behind the white mark and back again. Everytime the glass fell down, we had to run and fill it up to start again...luckily from the same place where it fell :-)

The last exercise...

....getting a peace of paper at the top of the rope

After almost 6 hours we crossed the finish line :-)

No 1 in the Female Catagory, long distance.


There were many other exercises which I don't have pictures of.
Riffel shooting, building a Lego figure only by rememberance.....in a canoe we had to row to a post on the lake where there were a picture of the figure, row back and build the exact same. We had to row out twice!! There were an excercise finding 8 waypoints with a GPS, throwing sandbacks, mountainbiking, push-each-other-on-a-rollerbord!! and orieentering.

A really fun race it was.... and super nice training ;-)

We enden no 1 in the Female Catagory and in the top 5 all over 

1.June 2009

Whitsun training.....

Day 1: Biking 16km. Climbing for 1½ hour. Biking 40km to visit my mom and dad at their Whitsun trip to Herslev.
Spend the rest of the day there, relaxing, playing, drinking wine, having a babarcue :)

Day 2: Sailed to Frederiksværk with my mom and dad....2 hours....and then back on the bike for 25km to get back home.
Lunch, 4 hours hard work in my garden....done...

Nice Whitsundays with perfect weather :)

In Herslev Harbour.....my mom and dads boat

Mom and dad....and Ursula :-)

On my way home ....


21.May 2009

Michael, I, Carsten and Finn


Today I went to Hallandsåsen in Sweden to try racing biking.
We started early morning. Rode 80 km, 1300 metres height
only interupted by a short coffee break. 
We took all the hills in the area; Dog hill, The Wall etc

It was great....and a bit faster than riding my mtb :)

Nice company, perfect weather and good training


Coffee break...with a view


Jytte and I

11.May 2009


More pictures from H12 :-)
Click here to see


3.May 2009

Team PFA Pension after my last lap in H12

Janne, Jytte and I participated in this years 12 hours MTB Race
We did 22 laps during the 12 hours...all together 176 km
We ended no 7 of 10 teams

A great race....can definitely recommend to join next year :)

See pictures from the race here



Janne, I and Jytte (Team PFA Pension)


19.April 2009


SOK Adventurerace is over and done with....it took us 9 hours and 2 minutes to get through all the disciplines
We ended no.5 in the Mix Class (of 30 teams) and no.14 Overall (of 72 teams)

It was a great race and I raced with two great guys :)
So good to race again....yiihaa
See pictures from the race here



13.April 2009

The beginning of my race season is near :)
Next weekend I participate in my first Adventurerace this year....SOK Adventurerace

Training, training, training and a Mountainbike Orienteering Camp last week
......now I can't wait to get to Silkeborg Saturday to race with Sonny and Ole :)

My race plan this year (so far) is:

April: SOK AR (Light)
May: H12
June: Nordic24
June: Island Explore AR (Challenge)
September: Farout AR (Light)


19.March 2009



Finally everything is set....yihhaaa..

I just bought the flight ticket and signed up with Summitclimb
to join them on their expedition to Baruntse 7.129m.
With a "Warm up" on Mera Peak this will for
sure be a fantastic trip :)

8th of October - 14th of November 2009


Baruntse seen from Ama Dablam


2.February 2009

This weekend Alice and I went on a skitrip to Bjursås in Sweden....700 km north of Helsingborg.
My first time skiing and it went great...no broken body parts or damaged knee :)

We already planned the next trip....one-day skitrip to Isaberg next weekend ;-)

My first time down a BIG BIG hill ;-) (or maybe it was a very small hill!!)


Alice and I

This was quite fun too.... :-)




4.December 2008

Finallyfinally.....I'm done sort out all the pictures from Peru.
Together Trine and I had more than 1000 pictures....now I'm down to 745 :-)

See the pictures from Peru here


22.November 2008

I'm back in DK.....but brrrr it's cold here....and yesterday the snow came :-)

I have so many pictures from Peru....I guess Trine and I spend a LOT of time taking pictures ;-)
Anyway....pictures will be ready to check out on my website tomorrow night....I hope hihi


12.November 2008

So now we're back in Cusco after The Inca Trail.

It was quite a hassle the morning we arrived in Cusco. Nobody was at the busstation to pick us up as promised. We waited there for 2 hours before we took a cap into the city center. A big hassle....but it all ended with us taken af cap
(2 hours drive) to the start of the trek where the assistent guide was waiting for us. We were there 12.30pm. We walked to catch up the group....it only took 1 1/2 hours though ;-)

It was a very nice 4-days trek but not at all as hard as I had expected. The Machu Picchu was really astoning and interesting.

Now...only one day back in Peru....tomorrow powershopping, going to the airport, fly from Cusco to Lima in the afternoon and then from Lima and back home in the night :-)

The highest pass on the Inca Trail 4.215m


Machu Picchu


7.November 2008


After Nasca we went to Arequipa. Here we went to see the Colca Cañon. The worlds deepest canyon. Then we were off to Puno. Here there were a festival so we stayed to see that.

Today we just came back to Puno from an overnight at the Lake Titicaca. We stayed with one of the locals on the island Amantani. It was very interesting and a nice...but very basic stay. So tonight we are off to Cusco. One minor detail is that we thought the 4-day trip (Inka trail trip) started sunday....but no no is starts tomorrow. We arrive in Cusco tomorrow morning at 6am....so we called the agency to tell them that we would go directly to their office. But the
trip start 4.45am!!!

Haha so now....a guy from the agency will pick us up at the busstation and take us to where the group is. What a start.....and what a hassle...it's a bit embarrasing...normally I have everything under control hihi :-)

Off to 4 days trekking....I'm really looking forward to this...


Colca canõn

Familyhouse Titicaca




5.November 2008

In Nasca we went flying to see
the Nasca Lines    


It was really impressive too see from up there. This is
supposed to look like hands...to me it looks more like a bird :-)

Also here in Peru they celebrate Halloween...


Even the devil can look cute :-)


29.October 2008

Yesterday Trine and I did a triathlon. We startet in the morning with horseback riding. Then at noon we change the horses to mountainbikes....and in the evening we were in for an 8 hours bus riding ;-)

Only 5 days since I left Denmark...but many ventures richer. Saturday morning I met Trine in Lima airport...so nice to see her....we talked and talked...and talked :-) Unfortunately her luggage did not arrive.

After a few hours sight seeing in Lima we were off with the bus to Huarez. It was a first class bus..so we had a nice 8 hours ride. We arrived in Huarez in the evening. Sunday was all about relaxing and walking around the city. Already in the
evening the missing luggage arrived in Huarez...Trine was happy again :-)

Monday we started the 3-days mountainbiking trip in the Cordillera. It´s was a great trip. We started in approximately 4000 meters. Uhh the air is thin up there but the views were excellent, the singel tracks were perfect and the climbs...were HARD!!

We went both to the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca. We had an overnight in a place called Lazy Dog Inn...a really nice Hotel in the Cordillera Blanca in 3.600m. We had our own BIG room with two huge beds and a fireplace. It was so nice there. They also had a sauna there....which of course we used :-) The owner, Diana, took people horseback riding so we arrange to start the mountainbiking a bit later and went on a ride with Diana in the morning. After that mountainbiking....and back to Huarez.

After three days bumping and crashing we were both pretty sore in our butts!! ...and only happy that we had a long busride a head of us :-)

We´re heading for Nazca to see the Nazca Lines and then on to Arequipa...













24.September 2008

Today I'm going to Peru....jiihaa here I come...
it will be so nice to travel again :-)

I'll fly to Lima, meet up with Trine, take the bus to Huarez and Sunday we're off to do some mountain biking in
the Cordillera Blanca

My sister will keep this site updated
while i'm away

Hasta Luego ;-)



19.September 2008

WATeam.....Margit, I and Malene


Together with Margit and Malene I participated yesterday in my last Adventurerace this year... Coastzone Adventurerace

It was a great race with different and fun
disciplines and events

See pictures from the race here


8.September 2008

This evening Malene, Margit and I went to try our equipment for the water discipline at this years Coastzone Adventurerace. It's already next week....

Uh....it's cold.....


....the drybag is floting.....even with inliners in it too....perfect :)

It's not that bad after all :-)


Finished with the test....we are ready for the water discipline :-)


7.September 2008

Sunday I participated in Merida Mtb Marathon 2008. Oh my.... the weather was SO BAD.....HEAVY RAIN ALL DAY!!
I started in the 103km catagory but during the race both because of defective brakes and defective gear but also due to the extreme conditions I decided to change and do the 67km instead. I also had in mind that I have to be ready for Coastzone in 2 weeks.

Unfortunately I then couldn't cross the finish line....but unofficiel my time was 3:59:08.....so unofficiel I came in 4th...only 30 seconds after the 3rd place in women catagory, 67km. And with that....I'm pretty satisfied :)

Afterwards I found out that the Crownprince of Denmark participated too. And without even knowing it I overhauled him near the 40km mark.....I would have loved shaken his hand :-)


Always smiling.....at least when I'm in front of the cameraman :-)


....when there is a horse on the track....you better concentrade...


24.September 2008

This weekend I participated in DTU Adventurerace.
I teamed up with Sonny and Jakob. We were all very excited.
It was our first race together...and Jakob's first time doing an adventurerace.

We had a really bad start. After running 10km we had to swim 100 meters in a lake and check in with our electronic card. Unfortunately we had made the decision to leave our bags back at DTU. In the bag.....were our electronic card.....DAMN!
We talked about just continue without this check in....then we would be out of the competition....not really attractive after only 1 hour.
So we decided that Sonny should run back (5.5km) to DTU and get the card. He was the fastest runner so Jakob and I waited at the lake.
This little mistake did that out of 112 teams....we were the VERY last one checking in at the lake!! We were really sorry about this....but now there was only one way.....forward forward and forward :-)

The next bad news....both Sonny and I had trouble with our knees now. We talked about what to do and decided to take it easy and just continue slowly. We were a bit depressed about this.....the race had only been going on for 3 hours....there where a long way to go...

Back at DTU the next discipline was a short orienteering. We finished that. Next....a short orienteering again...this time there were a shooting discipline as well. I think this was the end of the depression :)
We got 8 shots. The guys had 6 hits....yiiihaa....(I had 2 missings). Finally we had some luck ;-)
Back to DTU and now we continued biking. That was so good for my knee.

From here on the spirit was really good. We had a great time and a team with good chemistry and fun.
It was a really good race with fun disciplines too.

The race took us 21 hours 11 minutes and 15 seconds......and despite our bad start, the fact that we had to walk instead of running, we ended no.37 of 112 teams. So actually we had taken over 75 teams on our way.....which is something I have never tried before ;-)

Thanks to Sonny and Jakob for a really good race....let's do it again some day.

See pictures from the race here

Jakob, Sonny and I


Disciplines during the race:

- 10 km running (Sonny...11km more)
- 200 meter swimming
- 5.5 km running
- 4 km orienteering
- 1.5 km orienteering + shooting
- 8.5 km biking
- 4 km orienteering
- 28 km biking
- 6.7 km (at least) orienteering
- water running
- 15 km (at least) mtb-orienteering
- latter race
- swing
- 28 km biking
- orienteering + traversing
- 10 km biking
- 6.6 km canoeing
- 6 km biking
- traverse
- follow robe to the pool :)


7.September 2008

Saturday I went to Funen together with Margit and Julie to participate in FFM Adventurerace.
It took us 9 hours...a really good race with fun and different disciplines......
....like canoeing where two of us had to be blindfolded!! :-)

On our way....


Julie, Margit and I in the changing zone

Kayak polo....we had 5 attempts to get the ball in the net...


...I did it in my second :-)

I'm fixing Julies bike....


Finished after 9 hours race :-)

5.September 2008

10 km in 56 minutes


Thursday I participated in DHL relay race together with my
coworkers Per and Claus


30.August 2008


Today I participated in Contineltal Stimorol 2 hours Mtb race. It was a fantastic race and the track was just the way I like it.....with lots of fast and fun single tracks.

I ended no.3 in the Female Category
and no.101 of 180 All Over.

I won a bottle of redwine....which I
 enjoyed in the evening ;-)



25.August 2008

Fit4run invited us to Funen this weekend.
It was a great weekend with lots of training
and fun....despite the heavy rain saturday :-)

See pictures from the weekend here




20.August 2008

It was a very nice day. The weather was beautiful, we had a good camp and an excellent supporter.
But wouw.....it was hard work!!

One lap was only 11km and we did the race 1-1. We did one lap in 35-40 minutes approximately. So not much time to relax in between!

We ended no.1 in the Female Category and no.28 of 37 All Over. So we were very happy about this....and tired ;-)

See pictures from the race here


18.August 2008


Team Ride4fun:

Jens and Keld....Duo Men
Malene and I....Duo Ladies
Martin....Solo Men


14.August 2008

Today I got head hunted to join a MTB race in Silkeborg this weekend.

My friend Malene was going there to participate in the 12hours race DUO but her co-rider had an accident so
she wont be apple to participate.......I couldn't say no :)

For sure it will be a great race....and great training....after 4 days at Skanderborg Festival!!!
I need the extra training ;-)

So tomorrow I'll pack my backs....again......and go to Jutland.
The race starts saturday 9am and ends 9pm. The route is approx 14km long.
The team who have done most rounds in 12 hours win the race....damn it will be HARD!!

See the website about the race here


                              Our sponsor for the 12hours MTB race in Silkeborg


12.August 2008

Finally I got all the pictures from
the adventurerace in Thy :-)

See them here



5.August 2008


Thy Adventurerace is over.
I participated with Julie, Imad and Warwick.
It was their first AR so we were very happy that we carried through all the activities within the limited time.
It took os 14 hours and 55 minutes.

There will be pictures and more info
from the race soon :-)



29.July 2008

Yesterday I came back from Sicily. It was such a nice week. Great to see my friend again :-)
See pictures from my trip here


16.July 2008

The rest of the summer is fully booked with lots of ventures.

One week in Sicily....starting this sunday....it will be so nice
I'm definitely going to Etna...the highest volcano in Europe

-Thy Adventurerace ...a 100 km race
-4 days music festival ;)

-FMM Adventurerace ...a 90 km race
-DTU Adventurerace ...a 14-24 hours race

-Coastzone Adventurerace ...a 10-16 hours race
-Peru :)

In between all this.....lots and lots of training and fun :)



9.July 2008

Two weeks ago I participatede in Sorø Adventurerace together with Vicki and Ditte. A great race :-)

We ended no.1 in the Female Category and no.13 of 22 teams All Over.

See pictures from the race here


19.June 2008

WATeam Ride4Fun: Malene, Hanne, Alice and Irene


I'm ready for the last lap

YIIHAAA what a great weekend :)
This years Nordic 24 mtb race is over. It was a fantastic race.
The weather was fine...a bit cloudy, not too cold and less rain than last year!!

We ended no.4 of 12 Female teams and 72 of 160 teams All Over.
See pictures from the weekend here


13.June 2008

So tomorrow this year 24hour mtb is coming up.
We hope the weather will be MUCH BETTER than last year ;-) .....can it be any worse???? hihi

Again I participate on a 4-team with 3 other girls. We got Ride4Fun to sponsor us...nice :)
We are really looking forward to it....


8.June 2008


With only 2 weeks now till the Adventurerace in Sorø, Malene and I decided to do a trip around the city.
Good training and we would get to know the area a little better ;)

Friday I started with 15 km to where I met up with Malene. Then we did the white mtb-track near Roskilde....10 km...and after that 40 km to Sorø. The afternoon was spend biking around the area and in the nearby forrests...approximately 30 km.

Fortunately, one of Malene's coworkers live there so we spend the night at her house....nice :)

Saturday morning we biked back to near Roskilde where our car was waiting...

Really nice weekend with training, good weather and
fine company :)



27.May 2008

Last week and yesterday I participated in two small "closing time" races.
The one last week in really nice weather....and yesterday in really BAD weather!! That's good adventure training ;)

Both races were excellent....with good variety of fun features, running, biking, canoe, rope and water discipline.....yesterday the water disciplin was quite natural....it was raining the entire 3 hours!!


Christa and I in the race last week


The first discipline....canoe

The race yesterday. Our first discipline was bike'n'run.
We were soaking wet after 10 minutes :)


....and more wet after mtbiking on a VERY WET singel track :)


18.may 2008

Tommy and Tove in front of their new-build house


Once again...me and my mtb....riding into the country

This time I went to visit my friend and his wife
 in Rågeleje and after that my family in Frederiksværk
....a nice 75 km ride :)


12.May 2008

Two big races is coming up in June.

First Top Nordic24 MTB race and the weekend after that Sorø Adventurerace
It will definitely be really hard. Two weekends in a row!!... but it will be fun too.

So I'm spending a lot of time..... training training and training.
Every chance I get.....I take my mtb and bike into the country...and Denmark has pretty beautiful sites :)

In Whitsun I went to visit my big sister and her family in their country house in Lolland.
I took the train some of the way and my mtb the rest :)

A really nice trip...
50 km ride down there and 75 km back....
and the train the rest of the way ;-)


Tina, Brian, Anja and Mia

Søndersø in Maribo


In Sakskøbing

I think this is to keep the birds away ;-)


Mustard field near Guldborg

Crossing the Storstrøm bridge to Vordingborg


You can see Farø bridge from here


4.May 2008

This weekend I was in Sweden supporting Adventureracers.dk while they raced at TietoEnator.
We, Alice and I, had a great time...both fun and a worth-while experience.

But it was really hard work....it was like being in another little adventurerace. We had to go from one Transition Area to another during the entire race. Lot's of map handling :-) ....good training though :-)
We had to get everything ready before the team arrived. We had to bring with us, all the gear they where not using.....sometimes kayaks, bikes, inlines...etc.
It must have been funny to watch Alice and I struggle with getting the kayaks on the trailer...the bikes on the roof of The VOLVO :-)

I wouldn't hesitate supporting these guys again....they were really nice...even after many hours
of racing with no sleep ;-)

They are tough and we were proud to be a part of the team :-) See pictures from the race here

Adventureracers.dk just before Start in Borgvik, Sweden


Me at TA3..ready with sandwich and goodies for the boys


26.April 2008

Finished with the USG Challenge :)
Me, Sofie and Stine Sophie raced together. It was a very good race with fun features.
The race started with a challenge for the brain ;) We had to solve a riddle to get the map to the next CP.
Then a little run at the beach to get CP A-H...one was in the water!! ;).
After that biking to CP1-13.
At CP4 two of us (Sofie and I) had to skate (on inliners) approx 10km. Stine Sophie had to stay behind and wait.
AT CP6 all of us, one at a time, had to kayak a short distance in Copenhagen habour to get a map and some words we would be needing later in the race.
At CP13 we should, all three of us, climb over 6 uprights which was places two meters above the ground. This was teamwalk at a very high level...especialy when ones hight is only 1,63 m ;)
The last part of the race was orienteering in the forest. We had to find CP 1-8 (original there where 12 CP but we were there to late to do them all) At CP 4 we should climb a tree before we could move on and get to the finish line.

We started at 9am and finished at 5pm :)
We covered approximately 90km biking, 10km inliners skate, 15km running, short distance kayak, climbing uprights and tree and a lot of orienteering through the race.

Instruction before the race


Me at CP9


21.April 2008

My first Adventurerace this year is coming up. We just signed up for it today :-)
Saturday Sofie, Stine Sophie and I participate in USG Challenge

The disciplines are approximately:
60 km biking
15 km running
5-10 km inliners
Short distance kayaking
Orienteering constantly


20.April 2008

From thursday to sunday I was at the MTB-O Camp in Silkeborg. It was fantastic. Lots of good practice both with the maps and the uphill tracks...my god they have some nasty hills there :-)
There were approx 130 participants. Both the elite and us....and they were really good and fast ;-)

The schedule was:

Thursday: Short distance night race
Friday morning: Long distance race, Friday afternoon: Short distance race
Saturday morning: Long distance race, Saturday afternoon: Short distance race
Sunday morning: Ultra long distance race

The photo is from Johan....nice shot....grrr.... :-)
Too much speed I guess hihi

first post at the long distance in Sjørup forest


long distance Sjørup forest


Short distance in Stendal forest


Short distance in Stendal forest


For the first time in my life, I visited Himmelbjerget....the highest "mountain" in Denmark.
It's 147 meters above sea level :-)


At the top of Himmelbjerget is this tower. It's 25 meters high and
 was errected in 1874/1875 in commemoration of King Frederik VII
 who gave the Danish people it's free constitution.


30.March 2008


  This weekend I went to Schwitzerland to visit my friend Maria. Unfortunately, the day before I arrived she fell and broke her leg. She got an operation and had to stay there for a week :-(

So....suddenly my plans were quite chanced!!
Instead of a weekend with nice dinners and wine...I was on my own...when I wasn't at the hospital ;-)

So I went hiking in the Alps. It was fantastic....I just love it. The weather was perfect and I was almost alone at the walking trails....everybody else was skiing :-)

I had a very nice weekend there despite the chances....and still....it was good to see my  friend :-)

See pictures from the trip here



21.March 2008


 Today I went to Söderåsen in Sweden to do some mtbiking. We arranged it two weeks ago. At that time it seemed like the spring was on us....but no no...there have been warnings about snowstorm the last couple of days!! Great!! :-)

Anyway we went and the weather was actually fine...

There are some really good tracks in the Nationalpark.....and we agreed that definitely we would come back.....but when there is




A lot of time were spend like this.....walking

...but sometimes we were actually able to ride the mtb :-)


16.March 2008

See all my pictures from my very first ski trip ever :-) .....to Sarek, Sweden here


11.March 2008

All my pictures from the trip will follow in a couple of days....


10.March 2008

All odds where against, me going on this trip. Two weeks before departure to Sarek...and my first time skiing, I hurt my knee really bad when I was training on my inliners....or crashing...is more what I was doing hihi

The doctor said 3-4 weeks recover.....not good...I only had 2...
So I took it really easy with my knee these weeks and the day before departure I went for a couple of hours walk in the forest with my backpack and skiiboots on to see how bad it was....and it was actually fine...I could go to Sarek, no problem :)

Yesterday I came back. I've had no problems with my knee but....I got some really bad blisters.
If it's not one thing then it's another ;)

It was a really great trip. We had both good weather and bad. The temperature was as low as minus 25 degree celsius....damn that's cold...brr...I was really happy with my warm and comfortable sleeping back :)

The skiing part was fine too. It was my first time and I think it went really well. The others were faster than me....especially downhill :) But I think I did ok...considering it was my first time and with a 17 kilo backpack too.

This is what my toes looked like after 5 days skiing in really cold weather...notice the two black mini toes...ouch

....and my heels!!! It is really bad....I guess I should have brought better shoes....ouch ouch ouch...


1.February 2008

The second highest mountain in Sweden is situated in Sarek National Park where I'll be skiing around the first week in March :)

In March I go on a mountain ski trip....my first time skiing ;)
I'm joining a group of 7 going to Sarek National Park.
Sarek is situated north of the Polar Circle...approximaltely 2000km from Copenhagen.
We are gonna spend 6 days in the Park....completely on our own...nice :)

Picture from last years trip to Sarek.....kindly borrowed from Rune Kargo, our tour guide  


28.january 2008

See all the pictures from my trip to
New Zealand here :-)


20.January 2008

I'm just sorting out all my pictures from the trip....and there are MANY ;)

They will be here soon...


18.January 2008

Back home in Denmark...always good to be back in your own bed :)
We had one night in Tokyo...actually the airport is in Narita. It takes 1 hour  with the train to Tokyo Center. We landed 4pm and were to depart the next day 12pm so we just stayed in Narita.

The last day abroad....and on my birthday....we wanted to have some luxus...so we got a room (the cheapest of course) at Hotel Hilton :)


16.January 2008


Today is our last day in NZ. The last week here we spent, going from Tongariro to Rotorua. Spent 2 days there. Drove to the bay of plenty....found some very nice beaches :-) The weather was beautiful.
Then we drove north of Auckland. Went to a sheep farm and then back to Auckland.

The only thing we should have done today were LOTS of shopping....the last day in NZ....this was going to be a great day :-) ....but no no....in the morning we went to have some breakfast....wanted to pay!...rejected!! hmm...lets try again...rejected!!...damn!! both our Visa Card had been closed!! And we had spend ALL our cash.

When it is day in NZ....everybody in Denmark is at sleep....including the bank!! So we couldn't get in contact with them before 8pm.
This has definitely been the longest day of this trip!!

At 8.30pm we got both our Visa Cards opened again....and almost all the shops were closed :( 



10.January 2008

Today we went tracking in Tongariro National Park.
We did the Tongariro Crossing. A 7 hours walk....up and down, up and down...with a sidetrip :-)
We climbed Mount Ngauruhoe....also known as Mount Doom.
It is a beautiful mountain....but I know now why Frodo and Sam had such a hard time going up there....damn it's steep ;-)


9.January 2008

Today we arrived in Wellington back on the Northern Island again.
It was a long night ...we arrived to the Ferry Terminal in Picton at 10pm yesterday but our ferry weren't departing until 5am next morning. We thought we could stay in the terminal all night...but no no...they closed at 10pm. So we were left to slep on a bench outside that night!! Good thing the ferry was departing that early...so we could get the rest of that nights sleep on a cauch on the ferry :-)

So, at the ferry terminal in Wellington we were picked up by Omega Car Rental. We had really been looking forward to get our own car :-)
But as always....at some point of my travel....something does not go as planned ;-)
The luggage don't show up at the airport.....I forget my pincode to my credit card...or something else. No exception on this trip.....I couldn't find my driving licens!!! I know I brought it here...so it must be in one of the hostels on the south island :-(

Not good.....we couldn't have the car without the licens....damn! So we googled Danish Ambassade New Zealand.....and we were so lucky that there actually is a Danish Consulate in Welllington :-)
I called them....and they got all the wheels turning for us :-)
They called the danish police whom confirmed with a fax that I actually had a Driving Licens.
So The Consulate made this attest for me to show Omega Car Rental...and the police if I should be pulled over :-) 

After only 3 hours delay.....we had the car and were on our way to Tongariro National Park :-)



7.Januar 2008

Today we went swimming with the dolphins. Early morning 5.30am. We were on a waiting list but luckily for us some one else cancelled so we could come :-)

There were around 250-300 dolphins. It was amazing....even the skipper and the guide were amazed by the number :-) Sometimes they can't find the dolphins and sometime there are only 10-15.
But this day.... I don't know if the dolphins had a meeting or something.....but we were there....swimming among them...and it was beautiful. There were so many of them and they swam so close to you that you could almost reach them....except that they are pretty keen swimmers and very fast :-)
They played in front of you and swam around you too.

A great trip and the weather were really good too. Nice start of the day :-)



4.January 2008

Yesterday we arrived in Mt Cook. It was very windy and cloudy but today the weather is fantastic. Not a single cloud in the sky.

We went seakayaking in Lake Muller. Up close to the galcier and around some small icebergs. It was fantastic.


Later we walked some of the tracks around the National Park for some good views of Mt Cook.

And I most admit.....it could have been great climbing it..but no time and money for that :-)



2.January 2008


This morning we went mtbiking. For 3 1/2 hour. Some really good single tracks but mostly wide tracks. The view were beautifull with lakes and hills and silence. It was great....and hard...lots of really steep hills here in NZ ;-)

And good to have something else to think about other than what we have arranged for this afternoon!!! We have been nervous about this all day.

Yesterday....in our hang over state of mind, we bought a trip going Mad Dog River Boarding. Both me and Maikie are pretty scared of rafting.....after our little incident 6 years ago in Nepal :-)....so we have no idea why we bought this trip!!!

At 3.30pm we went with a group of 20 people. Several times I thought about cancel it.....especially when I saw the river!! uhh huu :-) .....it was wild...

But I didn't...I just wanted to get it over with.
As it turned out, it was wild and really good fun :-)
45 minutes down a river full of rapids...big and small ones. Only you and your bodyboard...I can tell you...this board was my best friend for 45 minutes hihi. It was wild and scary going through some of the rapids. The river were running really fast....and you couldn't do anything but trying to hold on to your board, keep your head above the surface....and that was not easy all the time...and just follow the flow and hope for the best ;-)
Definitely a great trip, better and more fun than I was afraid of...and I think I'm a bit more comfortable with rapids now...maybe..hihi

We ended the trip with some more fun in the water...no more rapids just sliding and svinging in the
river :-)


1.Januar 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all :-)
I hope you had a fantastic New Year.

Mine was a bit different than if I had been at home ;-)

A little park in Queenstown, pizza from Pizzahut, a bottle of whiskey,
a bottle of vodka, soda, red bull and some good company.
Later....more party :-)


25.December 2007

We are still in Nelson. In NZ they celebrate Christmas today. So everything is closed and there are no busses at all. So we have a nice relaxing day today. The weather is now beautiful. Earlier it was really sad, grey and raining. But now...22 degrees and not a cloud in the sky ;-)

This morning we went to the Catedral for a Christmas ceremony. It was really nice and the church were full of happy Kiwi's :-) After that we went back to the hostel and I made ricepudding for lunch.....this is the nearest we get to a danish Christmas :-) 

Tomorrow we travel down to Fox Glacier.

Nelson Cathedral on Christmay day 


At our hostel...having christmas lunch - hihi ricepudding :-)


24.December 2007

Today we came back from a 3 days tramping trip to Abel Tasman National Park.
It was super nice...hard...but nice :-) We did the Inland Track...the most famous is the Coast Track so we were alone in 2 days....nice...we like it when it's not too crowded.

And also....I was really glad that we were alone in the first hut we slept in. It was totally Desperate Housewives like....we almost started a fire!! That would have been some kind of a headline: Two female Danes started a forest fire....or Two Danes burned down a hut in ABEL TASMAN NATIONAL PARK....
Lucky it didn't ended that way :-)
I had brought my cooking gear for camping. I've used it many times.....but this time I used the wrong fuel. I didn't knew the english word for what I normally use, so we went to an outdoor shop and asked. We just bought what she said.....and apparently she gave us petrol instead of alcohol.....and that does not work with my cooking gear!!

In the beginning it burned normally so it didn't accure to me that something was wrong....but after a while....and we were just sitting in the sun without paying attention....there where hughes flames around the pot!!! Oh my god....what a shock!! I flew up...tried to put out the fire...but couldn't.....then Maikie came running and through her t-shirt on it and that helped :-)
And after that.....we never took our eyes away from it when we were cooking!! All my pots became totally black, it smelled really bad and it took ages.
Lesson to learn......NEVER USE PETROL WITH YOU TRANGIA :-)

Wiew from the first day on the Inland Track


First day on the Inland Track

Awopoto Hut - in which we had a little accidedent         


The last day - bad rainy weather, but nice track :-)

Back at the start og the routes - we took a water taxi up and walked down

18. December 2007

Ohh my...it was a really long trip to come here!!
10,5 hours from CPH to Tokyo. Then we had to wait there for 8 hours.
10,5 hours to NZ. What we didn't knew was that we had to transfer in Christchurch. Wait 1 hour there....fly to Auckland....only to transfer there again. Wait 2 hours and then fly down to Wellington....our destination.
What a waste of time!!
We tried to get off in Christchurch but due to our luggage, it wasn't possible.

But know we are here. Great.....except the weather....it's raining :-)

We spend the time relaxing, making plans for the next weeks and explore the city...super nice.

Friday we take the ferry and bus to Nelson. From there we go to The Abel Tasman park for some great walking :-)


Me and Maikie in CPH airport.

Rosemere Backpackers where we stayed in Wellington.


16.December 2007

Now the day has come :-) I'm leaving for New Zealand in halv an hour....jiibiii :)

My sister will update the webside approximately once a week....


4.december 2007

At last :)
"A day in Denmark - Girls in a mans game" was shown yesterday night. The program about us, racing at the Coastzone Adventurerace in October.
We met at Daniel's, had dinner together and saw the program.
We were happy about it all 3 of us.



1.December 2007

In Rude Forest


Finished with the training :)

Today I was out training with WAT and Ninjas. We were 8 and it was super cool. It was raining all the time....but...hey..it's good adventuretraining ;-)

We we out 4 hours. We did mtbing in Rude Forest. Then biked to Allerod were we ran a little route. Then biked to St. Dyrehave Forest. Here my sister was waiting for os with chocolate milk and cake...nice. We were suppose to do some archery but it was to cold so we skipped that. We did some bike'n'run and then biked back to Rude Forest where we met.

It was super nice that so many showed up :)


15.November 2007

Once again TV2 has posponed the program from Coastzone Adventurerace.....and we can hardly wait any longer!!

The new date is now the 3rd of december 9.25pm

Though....while we are waiting, there is an article about the
program (in danish) on their webside....

Check this link http://programmer.tv2.dk/article.php/id-9286995.html



11.November 2007

Today I participated in the first round of Slush Cup......together with 405 others :)
Ohh my, it was a big mtb-race.....with a lot of waiting. But it went much better than I feared.
Actually it was a really good race with nice singel tracks.

I finished no. 14 of 31 women :)

Picture taken by Bo Skakke (team hustler)


8.November 2007

Finally came the results from Coastzone Adventurerace...
We finished no. 26 of 37 teams all over :)  

6.November 2007

Today the program with us racing at the Coastzone Adventurerace were surpose to be in TV2 but due to the election it has been posponed.

Instead it will be broadcasted the 20th of november 9:25 pm.


23.October 2007

The last Adventurerace this year is over. It was a fantastic race with lots of cool events.
WATeam Løberen (Heidi, Alice and I) crossed the finish line 6:57 pm... 3 minutes before it closed :)

See pictures and read my story of the race here (only in danish!)


17.October 2007

Today TV2 came to make an interview with us at Heidi's place :)
It was a bit strange to sit in front of the camera...and all those questions hihi
Each of us got interviewed for 45 min....and they will only broadcast approx 1.30 min each :)


15.October 2007

Wow....this is great!!
Alice and Heidi found a sponsor for our team....now that we will be in the television we might as well take advantage of it.
Løberen in Lyngby (a shop with ALL you need for running....clothes, shoes, backs, watersystems etc) agreed to make a deal with us.
So today we went there to negotiate ;-) We each got a pair of tights, a t-shirt and a jacket. This will be with their logo on. Then we got a really good % off everything we wanted to by on our own....and my god...we ripped the place ;-) It only ended because the shop had been closed for 1/2 hour....and he wanted to go home!!....he actually opened the door for us :-)

So now the teams name is 'WATeam Løberen'. (WAT is for Womens Adventure Team)


13.October 2007

Today Heidi, Alice and I met up....really early....5am at Heidi's place. We wanted to try our lamps, clothes etc in the cold and dark morning so that we are ready for next week. First we went Mtbiking in Hareskoven.

We went back to Heidi's....now we had to find the best way to run with both life jacket and fins. We had a good laugh doing this :)


Then we went for a little run in Utterslev. Just imaging how people stared at us!! It was so funny...and a good thing it was still early
morning :)

A man ran past us. Like it was the most normal thing...Alice said to him "so...you don't run with a life jacket??"..."you never know what's gonna happen" He looked at us and started laughing..I guess we were a good story to tell when he got home ;-)


Off with the running shoes and on with the inliners....I'm getting better and better :)
Heidi and Alice gave me good advises on how to keep the balance and how to stop.

We putted a sling around Heidi's backpack and we practiced to skate as close as possible so that I can reach the sling and we can skate faster.

A good days training was over....now it was time for lunch :)


12.October 2007

The danish television TV2 contacted us this week :-)
They want to follow me, Heidi and Alice at Coastzone Adventurerace next week in Aarhus. They will interview us before the race....but NOT while we are together....we are not allowed to hear what each one says. Then they will film us during the race as well.
The show is not about the sport. It's a program called "A day in Denmark" and they will focus on our friendship and the bond we have because of this sport. 

They will also follow and interview another female team who participate in Coastzone next week.

It will be funny to see....I think ;-) The show will be shown on the 6th of november.


8.October 2007

Only 12 days to Coastzone Adventurerace in Aarhus.
And today I had my 2nd time ever with my inliners on!! Ohh my....defenitely, it must be quite entertaining to watch me practice. I felt like....


.....later when Heidi, Alice and I practiced abseil at DGI....it went much better :)
Good to try it before the race and really nice that the more experienced guys could help us :)


We needed to practice to abseil all three of us at the same time. This is one of the disciplines in Coastzone Adventurerace....




6.October 2007

Finally....see pictures from DTU Adventurerace here :)

Many of the picture is taking by Rune Larsen....big thank you to him for letting me use his pictures :)
Check out his webside ;) www.larsendesign.dk


6.October 2007

Todays training....met Irene in Holte and mtbing the blue trail in Rudeskov.
I found the biggest mudd hole to put my foot in!!....Irene just laughed!!

Good to be in the forest again :)


1.October 2007

Next race is scheduled....jiihaaa.......it looks really good :)
The race will take place in Århus the 20th of october.

The disciplines are: (approximately time consumption for fastes and slowest team)

MTB: 4 hours - 6 hours                         
Inliners: ½ hour- 1 hour                          
On foot: 2½ hours- 4 hours                        
Events: 2 hours - 3 hours
Orienteering: Constantly

Description of the disciplines:

MTB: Mountainbiking cross country - from singeltrack to city biking
Inliners: Only on asphalt with no traffic
On foot: Cross country - forest, beach, road, water etc.
Event: Absailing - don't be afraid of heights!!!, watercast, adventureswimming, amusement park etc.
Orienteering: It will be necessary to use different kinds of maps during the race both common orienteering and Mtb-orienteering

See more details of the race here http://aacc.dk/elite


30.September 2007

Allready one week since the race. I have been waiting for the result from DTU. There is a lot of calculating with the times/checkpoints/teams dropping out etc.
We finished as no.54 of 117 teams....with both mix and male teams and no.3 of 7 female teams.
We are happy about this....it was our first race this big and our coal was to carry through and have a good time :)
And we definitely had that. It was a really good race and we as a team worked perfectly.

Though.....looking back, I think we could have been faster. We were cautious about being able to carry on all night....but now we know.....we will be faster next year :)


23.September 2007

DTU adventurerace is over and done with :) Ohh my.....it was really hard. We started saturday at 12pm......and raced 23 hour....we were at the finish line 11am today sunday.

More details and pictures will follow in a few days......I'm dead tired now ;-)


19.September 2007

Only two days till the big race.....uhh I'm so excited. All three of us (Lise, Stine Sophie and I) are really looking forward to this. Call each other everyday to talk about cloth, food, the weather....which now seems to be reallly good :) .....we are so happy about that. Just imagine a race in storm and rain from the beginning to the end!!! Not good! And now it seems we will have little wind and little rain...super :)


14.September 2007

Training yesterday....after a big night in Malmö wednesday!! uhh not a good thing to do the day before....:)
I biked to Copenhagen (30km) to meet up with Heidi. We participated in an afternoon run. 10 km. I finished with the time 56.30....and I was dead tired afterwoods :)


10.September 2007

Yesterday I spend all day at Kullen doing some rockclimbing. It was fantastic....the weather was awesome and it was great climbing on rocks again :-) It's been too long..

When I got home I just had time for a 10 km run before sunset....what a great day :-)


8.September 2007

There is less than 2 weeks till the big adventurerace....the time is going too fast. I'm so looking forward to this :-) One of hour teammembers had to cancel but fortunately we found another girl who was willing to step in. Even though Lise and I don't know her, I have a really good feeling about it.
The three of us have the same expectations to the race and our shape is alike too.
We will have a great race....and hopefully a good ranking :-)


7.September 2007

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy.
I've been on a tree climbing course where we had an overnight in the treetop. See pictures here
I took a beginner course in GPS. Really interesting...and a lot of brain workout with all these different kind of systems :-)
And....I have to admit....a lot of partying as well hihi :-) Puhh....better skip the details!!

I've been doing a lot of training too. Mtbiking, running, orienteering.
Participated in an offroad triatlon (600m swim, 12,5km Mtb and 5 km run) Got a 3'rd place....unfortunately not so many women participated....but a 3'rd is a 3'rd :-)


26.August 2007

Finally I got all the pictures from the race :-)
See pictures from Thy Adventurerace here


14.August 2007

New pictures from my Mont Blanc trip. I got some pictures from the night we walked for the summit.
See them here


6.August 2007

Pictures from the race will follow as soon as possible. Still need to get some from the girls ;-)


5.August 2007

Thy Adventurerace is over....and it went really well for us. It was our first adventurerace with the 4 of us together and we had a perfect teamwork and lots of fun....and hard work...and 2 fantastic photographers who followed us almost everywhere :-)

We won the category Female......there were only 2 Female Teams...and the other one chose to stop before the end :-)
But we finished as no.4 if we counts all the Mixed Teams in (there were 20 teams) and
we finished as no.10 if we counts both Mixed and Male teams (there were 29 teams).

So....we were pretty happy about it :-)


1.August 2007

Back in Denmark, back to training :-)
This weekend there is Thy Adventurerace. Me and 3 other girls participate in this race. We are really looking forward to this. It'll be so much fun....and hard work!! :-)
It's a 2 day race.

Friday, start 6.30pm

9 km running
30 km biking
2 km canoeing
Robe activity
Water activity

Saturday, start 8am

8 km running/orienteering
65 km biking
4 km canoeing
Robe activity
5 km bike and run
10 km o-mtb
5 km orienteering
Water activity/swimming

....and it is an adventurerace so definitely there will be some fun surprices :-)


22.July 2007

Even though it was only a 10 days trip to Mont Blanc it felt much longer...in a good way that is :)

It was a really good trip although some not so nice things happened. The day before I went away 3 men from Polen died in an avalance at Mont Blanc. My family were NOT very keen on me going there!!9 from my climbing club in Denmark were in Chamonix climbing. They came one week before us.The day we arrived in Chamonix I found out that one of my friends were in the hospital. They wanted to do a climb near Brevent but on the way to the climb he slipped and fell approximately 100 meter down the mountain. It was really close to a catastrophic end. He's so lucky he is still alive. He got rescued by the helicopter and flown to the hospital. He stayed there for 3 days. He was badly wounded with deep cuts but alive. Luckily he was wearing his helmet. This scares you a lot and we were all pretty shaken by this accident.

Besides this the trip was excellent. We had 4 days with our guide, Kenneth and he was really good. We enjoyed very much being with him. We had 2 exciting days, The Cosmiques Ridge and The Petite Verte. We were quite challenged with these climbs. But it was great fun and Kenneth was really good at making us believe in our selfs :)

The two last days with Kenneth, we went for the Summit of Mont Blanc....and finally we made it :-)

The plan was to go via Tacul, Maudit like in 2005 but Kenneth believed that the chance of succes was not very good because of the heavy snowfall and avalance risk so thursday morning we decided to take the route via Goûter instead. And he was right :-)

It was really hard and now we had to carry both tent, sleepingback, matress and food. We had hoped for some luxury in the refuge hihi :-)

We were really lucky with the weather. It was great walking there in the dark. No wind and a clear sky. There were lots of people and it looked really good that you could see all the headlamps like little ants walking up the mountain :) But oh my it is hard work walking in the mountains. And I couldn't wait for the sunrise!!!....I was really feeling like I could sleep while I was walking....I was really tired at one point. But then when the sun came it helped :-)

At 8am we reached the Summit of Mont Blanc. The summit had been filled with clouds but when we arrived they were gone and the view were excellent.

Over and done with :-) Thanks to our great guide, Kenneth. We couldn't have done it without him.....he was the one who got us out of our sleeping backs that night ;-)

See pictures from the trip here


16.July 2007

I got home from Chamonix yesterday night at 12pm....back to work this morning at 6am!! :-) But...no worries about that...i'm still high and fresh from the mountains ;-) We had the best time in The Alps.

Friday the 13th of july at 8am I reach the summit of Mont Blanc...Yubiii :-)

More about the trip in a couple of days :-)


4.July 2007

So...I'm ready for the next adventure. The day after tomorrow me and Maikie fly to Geneve and from there we take the train to Chamonix where we will try.....again!!!....to climb Mont Blanc. Hopefully we will have better luck with the weather this time :-)

If there is mobile contact or I have a chance to send messages, my sister will keep my webside updated during the trip :)

I'm really looking forward to walk in the mountains again.... yiihaa.... ;-)


26.June 2007

That was it.....one more hard weekend is over and done with :-)

24 hours run!!! Uhj...it was hard. Saturday when we started, everybody were like...ohh can I take a lap now??....and..when is it my turn??...we all wanted to run....during the night...it was more...ohh do I have to get out of my sleepingback now??....and sunday morning....ohh my!!! is it allready my turn again??? It was definitely really hard and sunday morning you were hurting in the entire body!!

Despite this we really had a good weekend with lots of laughing and joking :-)

All together I ran 32,5 km during the 24 hours.....and I slept approximately 1 1/2 hours!!

We got a 5th place out of 8 in our class. It was the 12person class. We were only 8 girls so we are really happy about the result. And....we had some serious competitors ;-) They were really good!

See pictures here


18.June 2007

Yiiiiiiiihaaa WE WON :-)

We were the winner of the category 4-team Female Nordic24 2007. There were 5 teams.

From the beginning of the race we were no 2 and we didn't thought that we could beat the leading team. But during the night we won a couble of minutes. In the morning....we still had some energi left and we could smell the 1st place....so we went for it...it was crazy....we raced like hell....and it payed of :-)

All over (with the Male and Mix Teams) we were no. 25 of 114 teams :-)

See pictures here


15.June 2007

So....2 hard weekends are coming up. Tomorrow it's the 24 hours mtb ride (www.nordic24.dk). I'm in a team with 3 other girls...W.A.Team/Louis Cykler. One lap is approx 17km. And we "just" have to do as many laps as possible in 24 hours :-) But ohh.....the weather does NOT look good!!! Heavy rain all weekend.....what a puddle this will be ;-)

Next saturday it's the 24 hours run (www.24run.dk). But luckily we are 7 girls in the team. One lap is approx 2.5km and again we "just" have to do as many laps as possible in 24 hours :-)


18.May 2007

Yiihhhaaa.....the nixt trip has been arranged :-) I just bought flight ticket to Genevé. In July Maikie and I are going to Chamonix....gotta try that Mont Blanc again :-)

Uhh can't wait ;-)


14.May 2007

This weekend I was in Kullen, taking a Rockclimbing Course. Danish Alpine Clup arranged it and it was really good. I can definitely recommend it. They even fixed the weather for us that weekend :-)

We started early saturday morning. Met in Kullen and climbed all day. Small groups of two people per guide. I was with a girl, Marianne, and luckily we were at the same level. Perfect....no need to teach us the figure eight ;-) Our guide, Martin, was excellent. He thaught us everything that has to do with rockclimbing. Robe, ATC, nuts, friends etc etc He taught us to lead a route an to set an anchor. 

We stayed in the hut in SKäret. Before dinner we had theory. And the rest of the evening was all about relaxing, talking and laughing :-) I slept in a shelter....really nice...

Sunday....up early and out climbing. Today we climbed all day. We took turns at leading the route, Marianne and me. Martin was on a rope beside us, seeing to that we were safe and teaching us to set the nuts and friends. It was actually not that easy....so practice practice practice :-)

Sunday afternoon we went back to Denmark. An excellent weekend with good climbing and nice weather.

See pictures here.


5.May 2007

I came back from Spain today. And oh my....the weather is beautifull here in Denmark. No clouds, no wind and sunny...in Spain it has been raining all week. It should have been the other way around ;-)

I was in Spain 9 days. First I visited my friend Maria and her family in Malgrat de Mar. Only 3 days there, then I had to go take off.

Took the bus to the North of Spain...9 1/2 hours.. to join the rest of my spanish class from the nightschool in Denmark. We were on a study trip to Santander. Everyday we went to school at the University in Santander. It was really really good and we learned a lot. The teachers were excellent. In the afternoon we were on guided tours all around the area to see all the high lights. Back home at 7-8 pm. Then out to dinner.....with a lot of red wine, cognac and gin/tonic...uhh and up going to school the next morning! And it was like this every day!! :-)

See pictures under here


22.April 2007

My first Adventurerace this year is over and done with :-) It went really well and Maikie was great even if it was her first race ever. The weather was perfect. Not to warm and no rain. Nice :-)

Saturday morning 8.30...got all our gear in the car and drove to Sweden. My first time crossing the bridge :-)

Briefing in Changing Zone at 11.15. Start 12.00.

Prologue 2 km run. Back to Changing Zone.

Mtb 9.2 km....2 check points.

Canoe 6 km....5 check points.

Mtb 8.8 km.....3 check points. Back to Changing Zone.

Adventure Run 7.4 km. 3 check points with surprices.

CP1: Traverse over a stream

CP2: Orienteering with 3 posts

CP3: Orienteering with 3 posts but this time with no map. We got to look for the posts from a high observation post. Then we had to remember it and go down again....and find them. It was in a very wet field with streams all over and one of the posts was on a little island!!!....so we had to walk through the cold water to get out there....and back!!

Fortunately after this there were only aprox 1 km to the end. 

Our time were 4:30:50. We got a 4th place out of 6 ladies teams (There were 80 teams but most were mix or men). 1st place came in at 4:22:49. 2nd place came in at 4:26:31. 3rd place came in at 4:30:16.

So it was really close and we were no. 1 untill CP2....so almost all the way!! We will beat them next year :-)

See pictures here


15.April 2007

Just got back from Sweden and my first rockclimbing trip. We, Lars and me, drove to Kullen early saturday morning. Climbed all day. He led the routes and I climbed 2nd. I can honestly say I was under some pressure at times ;-) We had the best weather and a really good time. Stayed the night in Danish Alpine Clubs hut in Skäret. A great place, really nice and cosy. Got up early sunday and climbed all day. Drove back home in the afternoon. A really nice first-time-trip and a good climbing mate :-) 

See pictures under "Other trips"


10.April 2007

My first Adventurerace this year is coming up. In 11 days in Sweden. Me and Maikie are a team (I used a lot of pursuasion hihi) The teams are only with 2 persons. There is a long and a short race. We chose the short race. Maikie hasn't tried adventureracing before and we are there to have fun....so this will be a good start.


The race: Prologue 10 min, Mtb 30 min, Canoe 1,5 h, Mtb 30 min, Surprice 1 hour. All the times are estimated winning times...so I guess our race will be quite longer :-)

But it will defenitely be fun...


18. March 2007

Returned from Colorado yesterday....without my backpack. They forgot it in Heathrow Airport!! Anyway...I didn't had to carry it home then...it was delivered at my frontdoor this morning :-)

Only a 10 days trip but what an adventure. My first time in the US :-) Iceclimbed. Got in a snow avalance...NOT very funny I may add....I was pretty scared. Went to Orvis Hot Spring, hitchhiked back. Met a lot of nice people both in Ouray and in Denver.

And it was super nice to see both Clint and Rhys again. I had a fantastic time overthere.

See pictures at "Other trips"


7. marts 2007

Så er rygsækken endnu engang pakket. Dog vejer den ikke ligeså meget som den plejer :-) Jeg er klar til at tage afsted imorgen....gaabb....tidligt hehe. Glæder mig helt vildt til at komme over og møde Clint og Rhys igen og selvfølgelig at prøve at isklatre rigtigt :-) Yiiiibbbiii 10 dage på farten....skønt :-)


11.februar 2007

Så har jeg bestilt min første rejse til USA. Glæder mig vildt. Til marts skal jeg over og besøge min ven Clint som bor i Colorado. Lige ved Rocky Mountains. Og han er HARDCORE isklatre....så der har jeg fået fedtet mig til et par enetimer/dage :-) Han har klatret næsten hele sit liv (hvem der bare var vokset op i bjergene) og har tidlige været instruktør. Citat fra Clint; "You will be climbing ice like a pro by the time you leave here..." Så det tror jeg selvfølgelig på :-)

Jeg flyver til Denver og derfra tager jeg Greyhound videre til Montrose. En 6 1/2 timers bustur. Som jeg virkelig ser frem til. Op og ned, op og ned, op og ned. 6 1/2 time med udsigt til bjergene :-) I Montrose bliver jeg hentet af Clint og så skal vi køre 60-70 km til hvor han bor.


28.januar 2007

Jiihaarr....så er der en plan...altså næsten :-) Planen er at tage til Nepal, igen igen hihi, til oktober. Vil gerne bestige Ama Damblam. Bjerget er noget mere teknisk end de tidlige jeg har været på, så nu må jeg hellere lære at klatre rigtigt :-) Er begyndt at klatre i FFK og er nu i fuld gang på væggene derinde.

Planen er at klatre så meget som muligt i løbet af foråret og sommeren. Tage kurser i klippeklatring og isklatring og så bare blive så god som muligt og forhåbentlig god nok til at prøve kræfter med Ama Dablam :-)


27.november 2006

Nøj hvor tankerne nu igen er begyndt at søge mod bjergene. Det er slet ikke til at styre. Jeg vil rigtig gerne tilbage til Nepal igen. Spørgsmålet er bare hvilket bjerg det skal være. Bruger en del tid på nettet for tiden.....surfer rundt og finder spændende bjerge....og uha der er mange i Nepal :-)

Og så det ellers bare med at holde formen ved lige så man er klar :-) Men der er også masser af løb her henover vinteren. Slushcup, Dworak, X-duathol. Og så ellers lidt spinning, orienteringsløb og interval træning ind imellem :-)


14.oktober 2006

Billeder fra Mtb Marathon 1.oktober '06.

Efter ca 30 km. Lå og skiftedes til at overhale hinanden. Her er jeg kommet foran...op af bakke ;-) Efter ca 80 km. Stadig hørt humør.....total uvidende om de djævlebakker der lå længere fremme!!


10.oktober 2006

Fredag/lørdag var jeg til mit første rigtige Adventurerace. Det var en rigtig fed weekend. Vi startede allerede på vej over til Oksbøl med at have adventure!! Vi var en del der fandt ud af at køre sammen. Drengene er i militæret så de kunne låne en stor militær ladvogn til alle vores cykler, 11 stk. og en hel del bagage. Helt perfekt :-) Vi var 5 tøser der kørte i personbil derover, en times tid efter. Midt på Storebæltsbroen ser vi til vores forbavselse ladvognen med drengene holde i nødsporet!!! Ind til siden med os og hører hvad der sker? Koblingen er røget....kl. er 17:20 og vi skal være klar i Oksbøl senest kl.21!! Gode råd er nu dyre. Vi fandt slæbetov frem og så trak skodaen, ladvognen til den første rasteplads efter broen (se billedet).

Trine er politibetjent, så hun ringede til Odense Politi og hørte om de kunne hjælpe en kolega der var i knibe :-) Hun forklarede situationen og fik lov til at låne en af deres store køretøjer, en LT...til dem der ved hvad det er for en :-). Så vi tøser efterlod drengene i Nyborg og kørte til Odense Politigård. Vi skulle jo sæfølig alle sammen liiige med ind og hente nøglen ;-) Thea, Julie og Annemarie kørte videre til Oksbøl i skodaen, Trine og jeg kørte tilbage til drengene i politivognen. Sjovt så mange bilister der holder sig bagved en :-)

Vi fik læsset politivognen med alle cykler og bagage fra militærvognen (se billedet). Det var noget af et makværk...vi måtte skille cykler ad og virkelig pakke strategisk for at der var plads til det hele. Der var sæder i politivognen så det var ikke lige nemt. Men vi kom afsted....nu kunne det kun gå for langsomt med at komme til Oksbøl (se billedet). Vi havde dog snakket med løbsledelsen om det var ok, vi startede lige så snart vi ankom. Man skulle løbe et natorienteringsløb inden kl.21. Men det var helt i orden. Vi var 5 hold der ikke kunne starte før bilen kom!!

21:39 ankom vi til idrætscenteret i Oksbøl. Trine og jeg trak i løbetøjet og så var det ellers med at få overstået natorienteringen. Det gik helt godt. Tog ikke mere end 25 min så var vi tilbage igen (se billedet). Og så skulle vi ellers til at ordne cykler og udstyr så det var klart til lørdagens stradbadser. Normalt er man  3 på et hold men Trine men vores 3.mand havde meldt fra og vi kunne ikke finde en til at tage hendes plads. Vi havde fået lov at gennemføre løbet alligevel, vi var bare uden for konkurrence. Pyt med det, vi ville jo bare være med og have det sjovt...og var der ikke for at vinde noget. Var i seng ved midnat (se billedet).

BibBibBibBib...Kl.6.15 morgenmad. Kl.7.15 briefing Kl.8.11 blev vi sendt af sted :-) Vejret var lidt lumsk. Det blæste rimelig godt det meste af dagen. Pænt hårdt at cykle i modvind der ovre på vestkysten. Det små regnede lidt ind imellem og et par gange i løbet af dagen åbnede himlen sig fuldstændig og vi fik en skylletur der ville noget :-) Men et par gange var solen faktisk også lige hurtig fremme og titte.

Vores første post var ved nogle skydebaner. Skulle skyde med riffel. Derefter var der Bike and Run orienteringsløb hvor det var tilladt at dele sig op. Det gjorde vi. Det var et stort militært område. Jeg tog cyklen og fandt posterne længst væk.....var dog liiiige på en afstikker ca 8 km!!! damn...men så lærte jeg at man ALTID skal måle på kortet ca hvor langt man skal hihi. Vi fandt hver især vores poster og mødtes så igen ved skydebanen (se billedet).  

Næste post var ved en lille landsby militæret bruger til øvelser. Her skulle vi følge en hvid snor der var ført rundt i en nedlagt ejendom. Det startede ved hoveddøren. Først skulle vi ned i kælderen. Så blev vi ført rundt i huset, ind og ud af vinduer. Det var bare huller, der var ikke ruder i. Der lå en masse sække med sand rundt om i huset. Op på 1.sal og ud gennem et skrå vindue i taget. Op på tagryggen. Hen langs taget til vi kom til en skorsten...denne skulle vi så over!!...og så videre hen lags tagryggen og ind igennem et andet skråvindue. Lidt mere rundt i huset, ud i en gård....og her førte den hvide snor os fame ned i kloakken!! :-) Så ned i dybet med os....her var man rigtig glad for man havde taget sin pandelampe med!! ....vi kravlede et rimelig langt stykke. To steder kunne man rejse sig og lige strække benene. Jeg kravlede med en frø foran mig....virkelig hyggeligt...yak. Op ad kloakken, over nogle hegn og tilbage i huset gennem et vindue der var ca 2 meter over jorden! Trine gav mig en hestesko så jeg kunne komme op. Jeg satte mig i vinduet, Trine sprang og jeg greb hende....Perfekt, det gik super....vi var squ selv ret overraskede over det gik så nemt hæhæ. Lidt mere rundt og så var vi ude i det fri igen (se billedet).

Herefter kom vi på en god cykeltur. Vi tog lige et enkelt forkert valg på kortet hehe og endte i en blindgyde....hmmm tilbage igen...og så tager vi den sikre navigering :-) Den næste bemandede post var i skoven. Vi skulle ud på et orienteringsløb. Da vi var færdige med det, fik vi af vide at vi ikke ville kunne nå hele løbet. Der var sluttid kl.20. Kano delen sprang vi og de andre hold der kom ind der over. Senere fik vi af vide at det havde været super hårdt pga den hårde vind og selv for drengene havde det været en sej omgang. Så vi var rimelig tilfredse over ikke at skulle sidder derude to piger i en kano. Vi skulle nu kører en 13 km Mtb rute. Det var en fed rute....og godt at få varmen :-) (se billedet)

Herefter var det sidste at kører tilbage til Idrætscenteret og så var det slut. Vi var tilbage ca kl.17.40 (se billedet).

Det var et rigtig sjovt løb. Det var hårdt men på den rigtig fede måde og Trine var alletiders holdkammerat. Hun er squ sej (se billedet) og der var intet brok over jeg ikke kunne løbe så godt med mit knæ. Vi var jo ikke rigtig med i konkurrencen....men vi ved at vi ikke var de sidste i mål....og det er vi godt tilfredse med hihi 

Den sidste udfordring lørdag aften var så at komme tilbage til Sjælland....og helst med alt vores grej. Politibilen skulle afleveres i Odense samme aften så den kunne vi ikke bruge. Men vi fik klaret det med hjælp fra nogle andre deltagere. 3 cykler blev i Odense hos en veninde, 1 cykel skulle til Nordjylland....og så var der ellers bare overdrevent meget læs på de biler vi havde tilbage.

Jeg var hjemme i min seng kl.03.30. Gaaab :-)


1.oktober 2006

Så har jeg overstået mit andet lange Mtb-løb (103 km).

Jeg kørte på 05:06:10. Kom på en 8.plads i damerækken ud af 14.

Det gik igen rigtig godt. Havde stadig energi efter de 60-70km :-) Men for fanø den blev hård efter de 80km. Der kom alle de stejle stigninger i skoven...yuk!! Ikke lige noget man har lyst til at kæmpe med efter alle de km! Men i mål kom jeg.....og uden styrt og punkteringen......hvilket jeg er pænt tilfreds med :-)

Er rimelig træt i ben og ryg igen men det er vist ikke til at undgå hehe. Sofaen har overfaldet mig og nu står den på ren afslapning resten af søndagen :-)


15.september 2006

Næste udfordring bliver en uge på Mallorca, tager afsted i dag....jiiibiiii. En HEL uge på solvognen med en paraply drink ved min side. Det blir skønt....kan dårligt huske hvordan charter livet er hihi

Men løbeskoene er kommet med i kufferten :-) Jeg har liiige fået tilmeldt mig et adventurerace i starten af oktober, så der er nok at træne til :-) Vi er et team på 3 tøser....og vi skal nok blive presset undervejs :-) Se distance her....vi har tilmeldt os 80 % ruten ;-) http://www.dgi.dk/idraetscross/DGI Adventure Cup 2005/DGI Ribe 6-7,-s-,10.aspx


12.september 2006

Søndag fik jeg overstået det første lange Mtb-løb (100km). Det var et helt vildt godt løb. Godt afviklet og en rigtig smuk rute....når man ellers havde kræfter til at nyde udsigten :-)

Det gik rigtig godt. Jeg havde gode ben og havde et fint tempo jeg kunne holde vejen. Var lidt spændt på hvordan jeg ville have det efter 60-70 km...om jeg havde kørt mig selv for hårdt...men det var helt perfekt. Det var vildt vildt hårdt og jeg var godt brugt da jeg kom i mål, men slet ikke så jeg var helt tømt for kræfter. Havde trætte ben og en rigtig øm ryg.

Jeg kørte på 6:05:12. Kom på en 8.plads i damerækken ud af 29.

Jeg havde et enkelt styrt undervejs og f..**!¤!?@?* om jeg ikke punkterede 10 km før mål!!! Jeg prøvede først at pumpe den rigtig hårdt i håb om, jeg kunne nå i mål men den blev alt for hurtig flad igen, så der var ingen vej uden om. Jeg måtte skifte slange og mistede 15-20 på det...øvøv

Jeg er klar til næste udfordring :-)


14.august 2006

Tilbage i Danmark. Alt er blevet hverdag igen :-)

Er tilbage i skovene på Mtb. Jeg er blevet lokket med til 2 store løb. Ved ikke rigtig om jeg fortryder at jeg sagde ja!! hehe. Et løb i Sverige på 100km (www.bockstensturen.nu) og et her i Danmark på 103km (www.mtbmarathon.dk). Så jeg må vist hellere kommet i mtb form!! Glæder mig, men er også ret spændt....tror det bliver sindssygt hårdt!!


23.juli 2006

Igår kom jeg tilbage til BC. Godt brugt ;-)

Som planlagt gik jeg til Camp I tirsdag. Efter to overnatninger i BC skulle jeg lige finde motivationen:-) Den sidste dag til topforsøg ville blive den 21.juli, så der var intet der måtte gå galt nu.

Alt gik fint, ankom til Camp I tirsdag. Alle var en dag foran mig, så jeg var alene i Campen. Om natten kunne jeg  høre at det regnede.....troede jeg!!! da jeg vågnede onsdag og kiggede ud kunne jeg se at det jo selvføllgelig havde sneet hele natten......der var hvidt overalt og jeg kunne kun se starten af ruten videre til Camp II - Ikke godt. Jeg havde radio kontakt med BC for at høre hvad situationen var og hvordan jeg skulle forholde mig. Jeg ventede et par timer og gik så mod Camp II med en af de lokale. Det var noget af en dag. Alle spor var væk så vi skulle selv træde nye....og det var fanme hårdt......og så er der bare langt til Camp II ;-)
Ankom efter 8 timers hårdt arbejde. Alle andre var blevet i Campen den dag, så nu var vi flere der skulle have topforsøg den 21. juli.

Torsdag gik jeg videre til Camp III. Fra 6150m til 6800m. Var rigtig spændt på at komme derop......min rekord er ca. 6100 højdemeter....
Det gik fint. Det var igen en 8 timers dag og sindssygt hårdt! Jeg var træt da jeg ankom. Det var direkte i teltet og koge vand og lave aftensmad og slappe af til topforsøg dagen efter.
Jeg sov fint, havde ingen problemer i højden. Det var rigtig godt. Flere havde store problemer med at sove og nogen måtte endda vende om på vej til Camp III. Der er ikke meget luft deroppe :-)

Fredag..... uret ringede kl.5. Ahhh hvor var der koldt. Is indvendigt i teltet, vil tro en minus 20 grader.  Alt er besværligt deroppe i den kulde og du bliver forpustet bare af, at binde snørebåndene!
Jeg var afsted kl. 8. Jeg var træt fra starten, men det gik fint. Én fod foran den anden. Det var koldt, men rigtig godt vejr. Solen skinnede og der var ikke en sky på himlen :-)
En af de lokale havde sagt, at vi skulle vende om kl. 15. Pga. vejr osv. har man gerne et vende tidspunkt.

Jeg var rigtig rigtig træt, mine ben var godt brugte på det tidspunkt. Kl. var 13.30. Jeg var alene da to lokale kom ned fra toppen. Jeg spurgte, hvor langt der endnu var og de sagde 3 timer. Ergo kunne jeg alligevel ikke nå toppen og jeg var vildt træt, så jeg besluttede at vende om og gå ned.
Ca. 45 min. senere mødte jeg Jon Otto. Lederen på turen. Ingen vidste han ville komme op igen. Han spørger; Hvad laver du Hanne???....Jeg forklare ang. vendetidspunkt osv. og at jeg var træt. Han sagde nej nej ...der er ikke noget vendetidspunkt for vejret er så godt. Du har hele dagen! Han spurgte om jeg ville med op og han ville så gå med mig...langsomt. Jeg ville gerne, troede det var slut. Jeg gik op igen, men efter 10 min. måtte jeg opgive. Jeg var færdig. De 45 min. jeg allerede var gået ned ville tage 2 timer at komme op til igen!!
Mit topforsøg var forbi.

Jeg nåede et sted mellem 7.200 og 7.300 meter :-)

Ærgerligt med det sidste stykke, men jeg er super glad. Har slået min rekord med 1100-1200 meter:-) ....og gjorde det uden hjælp til at bære mine ting ;-)

Jeg var tilbage i Camp III ved 15.30 tiden. Slappede af resten af dagen.
Lørdag var det tilbage til BC. 5-6 timer så var jeg nede......utroligt :-)

Og så er det tilbage til civilisationen ;-)


16.juli 2006

Ja, der er aldrig en bjergtur hvor alt bare kører :-) I dag er jeg lige kommet tilbage til BC efter et par ret hårde dage.

I onsdags gik jeg op til Camp I igen - helt fint.

Torsdag skulle vi afsted til camp II. Vi var 4 i reb sammen, så det tog sin tid at komme forbi det område, hvor der er fixreb. I starten gik det ok. Efter 3 timer, overhovedet ikke særlig godt. Vejret var begyndt at blive dårligt. Alle havde overhalet os :-) og min energi var lig nul. En time senere var det totalt white out, dvs. at vi kun kunne se en hånd foran os. Vi var ikke engang nået halvvejs selvom vi havde gået 5 timer og vi blev nødt til at vende om og gå tilbage til Camp I. Jeg var totalt færdig. Gik direkte i teltet og sov.

Fredag vågnede jeg med rigtig ondt i halsen og hovedet - helt stoppet - virkelig herligt. Det var nok i kroppen allerede dagen før, siden jeg var så tappet for energi. Jeg besluttede, at tage en hviledag i camp I - havde ingen energi. Jeg begyndte at tage pencilin. Blev i soveposen, drak the og læste. Jeg skulle bare være frisk, så jeg kunne komme til Camp II og have en overnatning før jeg gik tilbage til BC - ret vigtigt af hensyn til afklimationen.

Heldigvis var jeg rimelig frisk lørdag morgen. Afsted med mig. Jeg kunne godt mærke efter nogle timer, at jeg ikke var 100% frisk, men jeg skulle bare frem. Det tog mig 8 timer og 15 min. - normalt 6-7 timer. Jeg var totalt færdig da jeg nåede frem. De sidste par timer var sindssyge og vinden blev stærkere og stærkere. Men jeg kom frem og havde en rigtig god nat der. Lige på nær mine hosteanfald.

I dag var det så ellers bare tilbage til BC. Jeg gik alene tilbage. Jeg aftalte med Clint som var på ski, at han ville tage afsted en time efter mig, bare for en sikkerhedsskyld. Det var så fedt, at gå på dette enorme bjerg alene :-) Har aldrig prøvet noget lignende. Der var fuldstændig stille og man føler sig virkelig lille :-) - og udsigten...... WAUW. Det tog 3 timer, at komme helt tilbage til BC - vildt. Men jeg var træt da jeg nåede frem. Ser virkelig frem til en hviledag mandag :-) Tirsdag går det løs igen. Der går jeg til Camp I. Onsdag til Camp II. Torsdag til Camp III og fredag er det så topforsøg :-) Vejret er godt nu - håber det holder til fredag :-)


10.juli 2006

I dag er jeg tilbage i BC. Jeg har det rigtig godt og føler mig stærk. Ingen hovedpine :-), men der er stadig lang vej.

Torsdag havde jeg hviledag i BC.

Fredag gik jeg til Camp I for at afklimatisere og efterlod snesko, plastic-støvler og gaitors. Det var en lang vej op, men det gik godt. Jeg havde det fint deroppe - blev en halv time og gik til BC igen.

Lørdag besluttede jeg at gå derop igen og overnatte. Jeg skulle have resten af alt mit udstyr med og det var satme tungt - ca. 17 kg. tror jeg. Det tog en time længere end dagen før, altså 4 timer. Jeg gik sent og var fremme 19.30. Jeg fandt et telt og så var det ellers med at få kogt noget vand og lavet lidt mad :-)

Søndag gik jeg mod Camp II. Der var endnu ikke fastlagt rute, så vi var to der gik i reb med Phil som skulle sætte rute. Det var noget af en tur. Der var rigtig mange crevasser og flere gange måtte vi vende om og gå udenom. Et par steder sikrede vi hinanden og prøvede at gå over. Det gik godt - heldigvis. Vi nåede ikke helt til Camp II - var i ca. 5.800m. Jeg gik tilbage en halv time før de andre. Havde det fint, men ville ikke presse mig selv for meget. Det var en sej vej ned. Solen havde varmet sneen rigtig godt og flere steder trådte jeg i til knæene. Det var ret hårdt i den højde. Nogle steder sprækkede sneen hele vejen rundt om mig - ikke en særlig rart. Hørte senere, at de andre var faldet i en crevasse. Heldigvis kun en 3-4m dyb. Godt jeg ikke var der. Jeg blev og sov i Camp I én nat mere. Stod tidlig op idag og gik til BC kl. 07.15. Passede lige med jeg var nede kl. 08.05 til morgenmad :-) god timing.

Idag skal jeg bare slappe af - have et bad og vasket lidt tøj. Min plan er at tage til Camp I i morgen efter frokost. Jeg vil så sove der og så videre til Camp II dagen efter. Derfra vil jeg se hvordan jeg har det. Forhåbentlig godt :-)


2.juli 2006

Så er det sidste dag inden vi tager til bjergene. Jeg ankom til Kashi igår aftes. Bare 6 timer senere end forventet. Det var noget af en tur. Flyet fra Beijing til Urumqi var forsinket, så jeg nåede ikke flyet videre og måtte vente der til om aftenen. Jeg mødte 2 fyre, der som jeg også skulle prøve Mustagh Ata - også med Summitclimb. Så det var jo helt perfekt og rart med selskab :-)
Og da vi så endelig ankommer til Kashi var min rygsæk IKKE med!!! Nøj hvor belastende. Heldigvis skulle vi bare slappe af og se byen idag.
Rygsækken er lige ankommet :-) Alt er godt. Vi har holdt et møde ang. turen - hvordan det hele skal foregå, ruten osv osv. Jeg er klar til at komme igang. Kan næsten ikke vente. Her er også ALT for varmt puhh ha :-)
Vi tager afsted i morgen efter frokost til Subashi 3.700m, hvor vi bliver i 2 dage for at akklimatiserer.


30.juni 2006

I dag gik turen så til The Great Wall, som de kalder den. Jeg kom til at kalde den "The Wall" og det var vist ikke noget hit - jeg blev ihvertfald irettesat hihi.

Nå men jeg havde booket en plads i en minibus til Jinshanling. Derfra kunne man gå på muren til Simatai og så blive hentet der. Perfekt tænkte jeg - den tager jeg. Må indrømme, at jeg ikke havde sat mig ret meget ind i stederne osv. Ville jo bare se The Great Wall.

Så her til morgen sidder jeg og venter på minibussen. Har lidt med, så jeg kan læse om den tur jeg har bestilt :-) og det viser sig så, at det er 10 km man skal gå!!! - omkring 3-4 timer skal man regne med Haha - jeg havde regnet med det nok var en times tid. Heldigvis havde jeg valgt at tage min vandrestøvler på. Men havde kun 1/2 liter vand med. Ingen solcreme og frokost!! Flot Hanne. Heldigvis kunne man købe vand så det gik. 

Det var en fantastisk tur. Der var ikke så mange turister og dem der kom med mig, kom jeg hurtigt foran ;-) Så jeg gik der på Muren helt alene. Med en fantastisk stilhed og udsigt. Det tog 2 timer og 45 min. Jeg var gennemblødt af svedt. Solen stod lige ned i hovedet hele vejen og der var ikke meget vind. Det var faktisk rimelig hårdt, at gå op og ned af alle de trapper. Kan dog ikke rigtig tillade mig, at brokke mig eftersom jeg er på vej i bjergene snart hihi.

Da vi så kører hjem igen stopper chafføren minibussen et godt stykke fra mit hotel - Om jeg ikke lige kunne tage en taxa, for det var lidt besværligt, at skulle køre rundt til alle vores hoteller!!" Haha har man hørt magen? Men ok, jeg fik lidt penge. Det samme gjorde to andre - de skulle bare tage undergrundsbanen istedet!! Det havde jeg altså ikke gået med til :-) Ud med mig....og så måtte jeg finde en taxa. Det er sjove ting man blive udsat for rundt omkring.

Nu skal der bare pakkes om. Skal ned på 20 kilo i den store rygsæk. Jeg glæder mig vildt, til at komme til Kashi imorgen og møde resten af teamet. Det er altid spændende om der er snitter med ;-) Så er det jo lidt nemmere, at komme op af bjerget hihi.


29.juni 2006

Så er jeg vel ankommet til Beijing. Med 1 1/2 time ekstra ventetid i Helsingfors. Men det var ok - fandt nogen at spille røvhul med :-) Da jeg så ankom til Beijing, styrtede det ned i lårtykke stråler. Ikke lige det bedste vejr, når jeg skulle ud på sightseeing ;-) Men det stoppede heldigvis. Her er dog stadig sindsygt varmt og fugtigt.

Har været rundt og tjekke byen ud. Lejede en cykel for at komme hurtigt frem. Deres cykelstier er lige så brede som 1 1/2 vejbane derhjemme. Cykler STYRER her :-) Var nede og se Den Forbudte By - virkelig helt fantastisk. Til sidst har man ligesom fået nok af templer hihi. Ville cykle ud og se Sommerpaladset, men da jeg havde cyklet 1 t 20 min og ikke var nået halvvejs på kortet, vendte jeg squ jernhesten hihi - Så det må jeg have tilgode. Har til gengæld fået set rigtig meget af byen - også mange af de små gader hvor det er rigtig lokalt. Og det havde selvfølgelig INTET, at gøre med at jeg kørte efter kort!!!

Resten af aftenen skal gå med afslapning ;-)


28.juni 2006

Så er dagen kommet :-) Kl. er nu 5:48 og jeg er helt frisk. Sjovt man ikke er det når man skal på job hehe. Jeg er færdig med at pakke. Den holdt hårdt!! 25 kg kom rygsækken til at veje. Lidt mere end jeg havde håbet på, men jeg har virkelig kun det allermest nødvendige med og kan ikke undvære noget af det.

Nu kan det kun gå for langsomt med at komme i gang. Ville helst bare direkte ud på bjerget og opad opad opad :-) Men jeg må lige være turist i Beijing et par dage først. Glæder mig og er super spændt.


27.juni 2006

Igår var jeg i Kbh for at købe det sidste udstyr. I dag mødtes jeg med Thure (www.hotfeet.dk). Han låner mig sine snesko. Det er super at jeg ikke skal ud og investere i sådan et par :-)                    Og så er det bare om at få pakket :-) Puhh....alt er lagt frem så jeg kan få et overblik....og nøj hvor er der meget. Se mit udstyr her. Se min pakkelist her.


18.juni 2006

Mtb løbet Nordic24 er overstået. Kl.12.12.48 kom vores sidste rytter i mål. Vi kom på en 4. plads ud af 7 Damehold, med 22 kørte omgange. Vi er rigtig glade for vores pladsering. De 3 vindene hold er lidt for prof til at vi kan konkurrere med dem. Vi andre 4 hold er alle mere motions mtb'ere....så vi følte os lidt som vindere i den kategori :-)

Ud af de 24 timer, var jeg på ruten i 6 timer, 40 min og 3 sek. Det blev til i alt 102 km. Inkl. op til flere styrt.....man blev lidt kæk når man lærte ruten at kende. Hvilket har resulteret i at min ben er fuldstændig blå og forslåede. De gør bare avs i dag :-( Også et lille problem med en knækket kæde måtte jeg bruge tid på derude. Bare rigtige ærgerlige minutter.                                                 Det var en rigtig fed oplevelse at være med. Jeg fik virkelig testen formen. Og den er super. Det var selvfølgelig sindssygt hårdt og lungerne hang ud af halsen flere gange på sådan en omgang (17km). Men selvom det var vildt hårdt gjorde man det alligevel. Igen og igen. Kl.01 om natter da jeg skulle ud på min 4 omgang, måtte vi indse at en fra teamet måtte stoppe. Hun havde ryg problemer. Vi havde hele tiden kørt en omgang ad gange. Så man havde så meget hvile som muligt inden man skulle ud igen. Nu var vi kun 3 til at skiftes og vi besluttede at tage to omgange i træk. Og det gjorde jeg så. 34 km i skoven lå foran mig. Puh ha...og jeg var godt træt. Kunne dog se frem til at kunne sove i godt 3 timer når jeg kom tilbage. Det var nok det der fik mig op af bakkerne :-)                                      Min sidste tur kørte jeg kl.08.29.41                                                                                    

Starten foregik ved at den første rytter skulle starte med 200m løb hen til sin cykel, som var stillet hvor ruten begynder. Dette gør man for at sprede feltet lidt.                                           

På vej til min første omgang / Jeg skal afløse Irene, Maja tjekker skærmen / I aktion i skoven / Vores camp bag stævnepladsen Det øverste 'lille' telt i venstre side var vores lejr / Vores hold....Team Bikewear.dk


14.juni 2006

Energi barer på tilbud hos Føtex. Købte lidt ind til turene :-) ...og skrev til Beijing angående Airport Pick Up Service...


13.juni 2006

Har i dag bestilt værelse i Beijing. Meget rart at have det klaret, så jeg ikke skal storke gade op og gade ned med al min oppakning når jeg ankommer. Skal lige have tjekket op på om de kan hente mig i lufthavnen :-) ....det ville jo være super


10.juni 2006

Var i nat ude og køre mtb. Vi skulle have afprøvet vores pandelamper. De er total heftige. Har lånt nogle vilde lamper af nogle adventurerace folk. Og vi kunne se hele skoven....næsten :-) Det var rart at prøve at køre om natten, inden løbet. Så man lige ved hvad det drejer sig om. Jeg frygtede det lidt men faktisk var det ret cool :-)


28.maj 2006

I dag er der lige nøjagtig en måned til jeg tager af sted. Tiden suser derudaf. 4fitness havde arrangeret Challence her til formiddag. 5 km løb, 1 times Spinning og 1 times Bodypump.             Suveræn søndags træning :-)                                                                                                                                         Min træning går helt perfekt. Interval, stabilitet, udholdenhed og styrke. Jeg træner 4-5 gange om ugen. Laver lidt forskelligt så jeg ikke kører surt i det og stadig synes det er sjovt. Mtb er en rigtig god træningsform og det er skønt at være ude i naturen.


20.maj 2006

I dag lå mit pas i postkassen.... fra det kinesiske konsulat, med visum til Kina. Perfekt....så er det i orden.


11.maj 2006

Har set mig lun på et 24timers mtb løb d.17.juni. Har tilmeldt mig en gruppe på nettet der hedder Pigerpaamtb for at finde et team. Synes solo var lige i overkanten!! I dag var der bid. Der var 3 piger der manglede en 4. mand....og der kom jeg ind i billedet :-) Nu skal der trænes mtb...


30.april 2006

I dag er der BT halvmarathon. Gad virkelig godt at have været med. Min træning går super godt, bortset fra løb. Alt andet vil mit knæ gerne være med til....bare ikke løb. Har kastet mig over mtb igen, nu hvor vejret bliver bedre. Det er sjovt, udfordrende og pulsen kommer op :-)